Tuesday 16th May 2023

JOHN 9 Two huge questions were raised during this healing event.  1. Are those people who are chronically sick or disabled actually being punished for sins committed by themselves or their parents?  2. Was healing permitted on the Sabbath day?  Jesus quickly answers the first question by decoupling the connection between sin and sickness, declaringContinue reading “Tuesday 16th May 2023”

Tuesday 17th May 2022

JOHN 10 Chapter 10 continues seamlessly:  These Pharisees are not the true shepherds of Israel – they are thieves and robbers, ruling harshly over the flock, using the sheep for their own benefit, and having no meaningful relationship with them.  Ezekiel 34 refers to the false shepherds of Israel and, in exasperation, God says thatContinue reading “Tuesday 17th May 2022”