Andy Acreman

Member of Thurrock Christian Fellowship Leadership Team https://www.thurrockcf.org.uk/

For my own daily bible-reading, I use the ‘Bible in a Year’ reading plan by biblica.com, the International Bible Society and publisher of the NIV Bible. Its 365-day Online Reading Plan (daily passages from the NIV Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms or Proverbs) is found here: https://www.biblica.com/resources/reading-plans/ . For offline reading, I prefer to use a Kindle version of the Bible in a Year, available cheaply from Amazon at Kindle version

Each day I share my own thoughts in the form of daily notes on some of the passages from that day’s readings. These are published in ‘blog’ format and can be read from this website &/or you can subscribe to a daily email with that day’s post contained in it (see the ‘Sign Up’ menu above). The third option is to visit the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/readthebigpicture/ which has links to the same postings contained in it. If you want the RSS feed, it is: https://the-big-picture.blog/feed/ .

I take full personal responsibility for these daily notes, including any errors contained within them. However, due credit must go to the many authors and commentators (some unnamed) who have sharpened my thinking and enhanced my biblical knowledge over the years. It will be very evident that not all the thoughts in my notes are original, and I am therefore grateful to so many different people for some of their ideas that I have gratefully included from time to time.

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