Monday 24th April 2023

LUKE 22 In all three other gospels, we have the account of Jesus being anointed by Mary of Bethany, as Jesus reclined at table.  In Luke, there is no such story.  This is because a similar-sounding, but completely different, account in Luke 7:36-50 took place much earlier in Jesus’ ministry and was located in theContinue reading “Monday 24th April 2023”

Sunday 24th April 2022

LUKE 22 The Passover was a meal that commemorated the ‘passing over’ of the Angel of Death – preserving the faithful Israelites whilst destroying the firstborn sons of Egypt.  It symbolised redemption, rescue, and re-birth.  It marked the birth of the Nation of Israel. It was held on a normal working day – not aContinue reading “Sunday 24th April 2022”